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  • What Services Does Reeminikin Provide?
    The sky is the limit. At Reeminikin, we provide custom digital illustrations — ranging from Portraits, Quotes, Food & Products and so much more. NOTE: Please allow 2-4 weeks for custom illustrations to be delivered digitally. To recieve a quote regarding a custom commission, please contact the artist.
  • What Products Can We Find At Reeminikin
    Ceramics - You can find high qulaity hand-crafted ceramic mugs, dishes, plates, bowls, spoons and so much more. Art Prints - You can also find high quality digital art prints to hang on your wall.
  • Are Ceramic Pieces Dishwasher Safe?
    All our ceramics are made from high quality earthenware or stoneware and glaze. This makes them food, dishwasher and microwave safe. However, to ensure your ceramic piece stays in good shape for longer with vibrant colors and glaze, we recommend to only hand wash.
  • How Do I Care For My Art Prints?
    Our art prints are printed on high quality art paper, giving them rich and vibrant colors. Although it is natural for prints to fade over time, you can keep yours safe from the test of time in a frame to give it longivity and more life.
  • How Are Reeminikin Ceramics Made?
    Materials - All ceramic pieces are created using high quality fine earthenware, clay stains underglazes and glazes Techniques - Each ceramic piece is hand-crafted with care using an ancient pinch pot technique Firing - Our ceramics are fired twice at high temperatures to ensure that each peice is food safe Process - We first hand-craft each ceramic piece and sit it out to dry until it is 'bone dry'. This takes about a week or so, depending on environmental conditions. We then carefully hand paint it using quality clay stains mixed with slip (a mix of clay and water) to ensure we get the exact colors we need. The pieces are finally ready for their first firing to go into the 'bisque' stage. Once they come out the oven, we glaze them and place them back in for their second firing.
  • What Program(s) Are Used To Create Art Work Found At Reeminikin?
    All ready art prints and custom illustrations/portraits are created using Adobe Photoshop. Other programs used are - Adobe Illustrator for design purposes and Procreate for illustrations and small graphics used on social media and websites.
  • What Paper Are Reeminikin Prints Printed On?
    All prints listed in store are printed on demand - on high qualityPhoto Rag 210g paper.
  • What Size Do Art Prints Come In?
    Ready Art Prints: We provide two different sizes for each design, 23*23cm and/or 25*25cm Custom Illustrations/Portraits: The largest size we have worked with is 30*40cm for custom portraits, but requests for smaller or larger sizes are available.
  • Do You Ship Internationally?
    Ceramics and Art Prints - Yes.
  • How Will My Parcel Be Shipped / Delivered?
    Ceramics and Art Prints - Within Jordan, normal local delivery time will range between 5-7 business days. Internationally we ship via reliable services (which may in the best case scenarios) take 24-72 hours to reach you after being sent out, but due to COVID-19, shipping time may be extended.
  • How Do You Pack Your Piece To Ensure Safe Arrival?
    Ceramics - Each piece is packaged with alot of care and attention. Every item is protectively wrapped in both bubble wrap and tissue paper and then packed in a cozy box to ensure its saftey. Art Prints - Each order is packaged with a sturdy cardboard packing so that the print does not bend when it's on its way to you. The parcel is then placed into a shipping bag, to ensure it is safe from water too.
  • What Happens If My Shipment Doesn't Reach Me?
    We ship to the address specified in your order. If that address is incorrect or undeliverable for any reason and the product is returned to us, the buyer will have the option to pay the shipping again and we will attempt delivery again with a different address, or the buyer can receive a refund for the product, minus the original shipping cost.
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