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Here are some tips to take care of your handmade pieces.

Almost all of our ceramic items are machine-washable, food-safe and microwave-safe.


When placing the items on the dishwasher rack, you must be careful that they do not hit each other to avoid breaking, chipping or cracks. In order to avoid diminishing the color vibrancy and glaze shine, we recommend using a small amount of detergent and using a delicate washing programme.

We do however highly recommend hand washing most of your new handmade tableware. Remember to always do it very carefully to avoid breakage or damage. You should use a soft brush or soft sponge for washing in order to keep from scratching the glaze shine. Rinse each piece well and let it air dry, or use a soft cloth.

To store your handmade Reeminikins, you can place sheets of tissue paper between items, protecting them from scratches and dust. 

With these instructions, you give your new handmade tablewares a longer life.

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